Keston Wassail 2017

The extraordinary Ravensbourne Mummers

Mummers Keston Wassail 2017
Pictured (left to right): David Hicks (Chief Wassailer), Aidan Hardy (King George), John Callaghan (Turkish Knight), Paul Burgess (Italian Doctor), The Ravensbourne Beast 'Dobbin' under strict direction by Kevin Bonner-Williams (The Incredible Farting Horse), Tony Saunders (Old Woman), Ian Campbell (Father Christmas), and Jan Mondrzejewski (Johnnie Jack).

The Ravensbourne Mummers performed a vigorous, traditional Winter Play as part of Ninth Annnual Keston Wassail. It was yet another triumph in front of an appreciative crowd. There were some changes to the cast: Beelzebub was missing because David Hicks was needed to dab the apple tree with cider-soaked-bread. Paul Burgess stepped in as the Italian Doctor.

In his invitation to the event, David Hicks wrote, "In 1797, Edward Hasted wrote in his History of Kent of his disdain for the rustic Keston and Wickham Wassailers. Sorry Ed, 220 years later and it’s still going on!" Thanks to David we can look forward to this important traditional local custom, distinctive to Keston, continuing for many years to come.


David Wassailing the Tree

David Wassails the Apple Tree at the Two Doves

David Hicks Wassailing Bowl

David passes the Wassailing Bowl around