Boxing Day 2016 

The weather was cool and fresh with clear skies and bright sunshine as an estimated 700 people turned out to watch the Morris Dancing.

End of Ring O' Bells Litchfield

The future of Morris Dancing is safe in Keston

Participation rates were so high during the Shepherd’s Hey instructional that we had to form an inner and outer circle. There were as many children as adults and we can take a long term view of this: good memories make future Morris Dancers. As always, we had a number of incognito Morris Men join us for Bonnie Green Garters, the Morris farewell dance. The public demand for selfies with rich and famous celebrities was as high as ever and we obliged them by striking a few poses. No word from Vogue Magazine yet but we are working on it.

A generous audience

Many thanks to those who came to watch us and donated a remarkable £755.99, in aid of Demelza Hospice Care for Children.